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 Book Christina Hollerbach: Expert Speaker & Podcast Guest on Hospitality, Leadership, and Community Development


Looking for a captivating speaker for your next event or an engaging guest for your podcast? Christina Hollerbach is an experienced and inspiring public speaker available for speaking engagements and podcast appearances. With expertise in hospitality, leadership, entrepreneurship, and community development, Christina offers valuable insights and actionable advice.


 About Christina Hollerbach


Christina Hollerbach is a renowned restaurateur and community leader based in Sanford, Florida. As a key figure in Hollerbach’s German Restaurant, Christina has a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry and family-run businesses. Her commitment to community development through Main Street Programs and her dynamic leadership style make her a sought-after speaker and podcast guest.


 Speaking Topics


Hospitality & Restaurateur: Learn the secrets to running a successful restaurant and creating unforgettable customer experiences. Christina shares tips and strategies from her years in the industry.


Main Street Programs: Discover how Main Street Programs can revitalize communities and drive economic growth. Christina provides practical advice and success stories from her own initiatives.


Leadership & Entrepreneurship: Get inspired by Christina’s journey and gain practical advice on becoming an effective leader and successful entrepreneur.


Working in a Family Business: Navigate the unique challenges of family businesses with Christina’s insights on maintaining harmony and achieving success.


General Hollerbach History: Explore the rich history of the Hollerbach family and their contributions to the community. Christina’s storytelling brings to life the legacy and values that have shaped their business.


…and more!


 Podcast Appearances


Christina is also available for podcast interviews, bringing her expertise and engaging personality to your audience. Check out some of her recent appearances:


Main Street Business Insights Podcast - Hollerbach German Restaurant CEO, Christina 

June 11, 2022 Christina Hollerbach - What's the SCORE -

Hollerbach’s German Restaurant is a transformational force in Sanford - YouTube


 Why Book Christina?


- Engaging & Inspirational: Christina’s presentations are not only informative but also inspire action and positive change.

- Expertise & Experience: With a successful career in hospitality and leadership, Christina brings practical knowledge and real-world examples to her talks and interviews.

- Community Focused: Christina’s commitment to community development and her firsthand experience with Main Street Programs make her a valuable resource for any audience.


 How to Book


Ready to elevate your event or podcast with Christina Hollerbach’s expertise? Contact us today to schedule a speaking engagement or podcast appearance. Whether you’re planning a conference, seminar, workshop, or podcast episode, Christina is prepared to deliver an impactful presentation tailored to your needs.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s best. Book Christina Hollerbach for your next event or podcast and inspire your audience with her unique insights and experiences.

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